Date: 15th March 2017 at 1:37pm

Who Can Fill Arsene Wenger’s Coat? | Ft Troopz, RedMenTV & Toffee TV
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7 responses to “Who Can Fill Arsene Wenger’s Coat? | Ft Troopz, RedMenTV & Toffee TV”

  1. Dennis says:

    The discussion just showed that there is a bag full of managers that could come into the job. Every single one of them better in every which way but loose than Arsen ‘ should of gone long long time’ Wenger.
    Fed up with that guy and fed up with the ‘big shoes to fill’ statement that people keep saying about him when he finally goes (please God). Unless people are referring to ‘Big Clown Shoes to fill’

    To me he ain’t done nothing for the club but the bare minimum that he was paid to do. So unless he was actually working voluntarily he ain’t done a blasted thing in the last 13 years than make my once proud cannon fire a flag the say ‘Bang’ on it instead of real live ammo.

    So put all the mans mentioned in the debate on the list and you can even add the Orangutan from ‘every which way but loose’ as well as far as I’m concerned!

    Ps tell Troopz DT and Claude I love them like cooked food. I thought it was only me cussing in my living room but now I’ve found Arsenal fan tv I see that there are soilders fighting in the trenches. (You guys are good cos Arsenal ain’t getting 1 pence of my money til that guy goes)

  2. Clement Simon says:

    Yes Patrick Vieira as assistant coach, is brilliant idea, Arsenal midfield is weak, poor at closing down plays and anticipating opponents next move we need to teach this again, we need to be fit because look at games against top teams we are always last for every ball and cannot close gaps and spaces.

  3. javier says:

    I can see Lucas Perez is not going to be in the starting line up against West Brom
    just too bad for Wenger…Arsenal is going to
    loose this game as it did last time….

    Wenger OUT!!!!

  4. Javier says:

    First half against West Brom too predictable
    Arsenal playing needs Lucas Perez to score..
    Wenger get Walcott or Ramsey off put Lucas Perez in

    Wenger Out!!!

  5. Javier says:

    Here we go again….I saw it coming……
    Arsenal 1 West Brom 2

    Terrible defense.. no scoring power

    Walcott off Lucas Perez Inn

    Wenger OUT!!!!

  6. Javier says:

    This does it game over

    West grate Brom 3 Arsenal 1

    Wenger and his ladies loosing again?

    Surprise!!! wENGER OUT!!

  7. Javier says:

    somebody is saying quote:
    There is no benefit to Wenger staying at this point, even as an advisor.

    He has no brain for defense.

    He can no longer pick out talent.

    He’s a horrible game manager.

    He’s a shit tactician.

    If he hasn’t lost the dressing room, it’s damn close.

    He collects fucking 8.3 million pounds per year.

    He’s ripping the club apart.

    He’s turning Arsenal into a laughing stock.

    He’s ripping the fan base apart.

    If he had any dignity he would have resigned after that fucking Bayern debacle. It’s obvious that he has no dignity, or ability to evaluate himself, so he’ll have to be shown the door. The trouble is that he has probably penned the contract.

    If he signs a two year deal, Arsenal will be the joke of the footballing world. As if we aren’t already. What a shambles.

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