Date: 13th March 2017 at 10:12pm

Oh No, Not Citeh!!! | Arsenal Draw Man City in FA Cup Semi’s
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6 responses to “Oh No, Not Citeh!!! | Arsenal Draw Man City in FA Cup Semi’s”

  1. John Awwad says:

    3-2 Arsenal win Oxalde1 sanchez 2

  2. neil says:

    If what you say is right Rob, and this relic signs on if they win the cup

    I hope City demolish them, I want everything to go badly for a manager who should have been sacked years ago, I love the club, but I would take losses against Liverpool, Chelsea and City if it meant this has been leaves

    He is washed up, you know it, DT knows it, I know it and the majority of fans on Arsenal fan TV know it

    What has me perplexed is the other thousands of stupid pricks who keep turning up at home games, what the fuck is wrong with them

    Hurt them where it hurts the most, the pocket, I refuse to spend my money until change is made

    13 years, different players, same tactics, same manager, SAME RESULTS

    TOP FOUR, Wigan and Portsmouth have won the FA Cup, it’s no big deal

    If this guy stays two more years it will be 15 years without title, get real

    It’s all about Wenger, he wants to outdo Ferguson, it’s not about the club, it’s about an arrogant fucking narcissist clinging to past glories

    he is fucked

  3. neil says:

    AFC, 5th, 16 points behind Chelsea with a game in hand

    When has this club been 5th in March and going backwards, and this slug wants 2 more years
    WHY, he needs a kick in the balls and told to move on, for fuck sake enough is enough already

  4. neil says:

    Here’s an idea, give him a 5 year contract, in fact sign him on for life, you fucking imbecilic club

    Lets dig up Herbie Chapman and give him a contract

    Money has ruined football, the workers game, stolen by corporations to suck money from the loyal gullible fans

    At least Chelsea and City spend their own money provided by rich owners, unlike AFC, owned by two billionaires, who put in ZERO, and take money out

  5. neil says:

    let me tell you what will happen if Wenger signs a 2 year deal

    After that contract runs out in 2019, he will sign another 2 year deal

    He is aiming for Fergie’s record, it’s not about AFC, it’s about Arsene Wenger, it always was

  6. neil says:

    Gnabry cost 90,000 quid, sold for 5 million quid

    Oxlade cost 7 million, can be sold for anything up to 20 million

    Clichy cost 250,000 quid, sold for 7 million

    This is the modus operandi of Arsene Wenger, getting players on a free or paying very little for them, then on selling them for profit

    been doing it since 1996, this is why he baulked at paying huge transfer fees, they must have resale value, this is nothing to do with football, this is buying a product for the lowest price possible, ie the player, then on selling him for huge profit

    The mark up is extraordinary, this is the genius of Wenger, this is the rewason he lasted 20 years at AFC, not because he is a brilliant manager

    He is a brilliant accountant

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