Date: 16th April 2017 at 1:09pm

Middlesbrough v Arsenal Preview | Only A Win Is Acceptable!
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13 responses to “Middlesbrough v Arsenal Preview | Only A Win Is Acceptable!”

  1. Jack MANNING says:

    We will win 2-0 go on a run beat man city spuds and manc u.

    • jon fox says:

      Jack Manning , Your post shows you to be the sort of cloud cuckoo land fan who refuses to accept the reality of the mess we are in. Instead of ridiculous, unfounded by any reality, blind optimism, why not join the host of realistic fans who know this season is a write off and that what we need ABOVE ALL ELSE, is the removal of Wenger. The more disastrous our remaining results the more likely we are to finally force Wenger out. We need victories at this critical time like a hole in the head,,, as it may mean Wenger stays. If you want that then you are beyond hope my deluded friend. We need seventh place or lower so we are not stuck in the Europa league next season which is a lead weight round our neck, with hopefully a new and proper manager next season.

  2. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge

  3. joj fox says:

    As a rare realist among Gooner fans and a fan since 1958, I an praying we get thrashed at Middlesbro’ on Monday. All that matters now is removing Wenger and we need another debacle like the Palace game to hasten the removal of this arrogant and selfish fossil. No one knows what is going on and our club, as usual over the years, says nothing to us fans, the games and club’s lifeblood and the only ones who actually care. I regard Wenger, the owner and board as our enemies and only when all these enemies are removed can we again become healthy. So let’s start with Wenger and hope for a thrashing at Middlesbro to hasten his demise.Realism!!!

  4. Masked Gunner says:

    So Wenger has blocked Josh Kroenke bringing Henry back as a coach. This is a prime example of the dictatorship at the club, even the owner’s son bows to Wenger!

  5. neil says:

    This manager is a fucking ignorant arrogant cunt, simple, he’s telling the owner’s son basically to fuck off and mind your own business, think about it, a shit kicker employee is telling the owners to fuck off and leave me alone, how piss weak are these Kroenkes, Robbie, wake up, who gives a fuck what the team is, none of them are playing for him, I think you should not do any more videos while this cunt Wenger is polluting the club, he is a virus, a pox on the club, what a ball sac Wenger is, this cunt needs taking down a peg or two, your videos aren’t helping, wanting to beat Boro, are you fucking serious, give Wenger reason to sign a new contract, I hope they lose every fucking game, this piece of shit manager will still sign a new deal, he owns the club, wake the fuck up, if he can tell the owners son to fuck off, what does that tell you about a scum sucking dictator

    Wenger needs a uppercut, then a kick in the nuts, then told politely to fuck right off, asap

  6. neil says:

    Never in the history of football has there been a more arrogant cunt than Wenger, typically French, this sack of shit telling a owner no less to mind your own fucking business while he runs the club into the ground, are you serious, a lowly fucking manager, the one we can all do without is telling the owner to fuck off, has Kroenke got any balls, someone please check if this freak has nuts, letting a manager tell him to fuck off,

    News flash for Kroenke, Wenger has just cost you at least and if not more than 30 million by not getting top 4, are you asleep at the fucking wheel

    You want to give this relic, this useless sack of shit a new improved contract for going backwards, for costing you 30 million, are you insane, if you give this cunt a contract you are a weak prick, you ought to be ashamed of yourself you fucking nancy boy, you lose 30 million from CL and give Wenger 10 million for two years, are you serious, only one conclusion from this madness

    Either your fucking him, or he’s fucking you

  7. neil says:

    The stupidity of Wenger is denying Sanchez top dollar, when Wenger thought paying Diaby 60-70k a week for years is good economics, Sanogo, costing over a million quid for doing fuck all

    Paying a socialist wage of 50k a week to denilson Bendtner et al

    Diaby spent that much time out injured the games he did play for Arsenal cost the club 500,000 quid per game

    Think about that, the genius of economics paid Diaby half a fucking million quid per fucking game, this is how fucked up this shit for brains cunt manager is, yes fans 500,000 per game, this stick insect cost the club half a million quid a game, it’s beyond lunacy, Wenger should be locked up for fraud for impersonating a football manager, not to mention ripping off AFC it’s a scam, they probably stashed to loot in a swiss bank account, it’s embezzlement, someone call the cops

    I have seen mental patients saner than this sack of shit Wenger, real reason he wont pay Sanchez the big money is he then would be earning more than this cocksucker manager, and he can’t have that, how can the plebs be paid more than the dictator

  8. BJ Arsenal says:

    This hurts to say but W hat IF Tottenham win the premier league. Arsenal would be forced to take serious action for next season with unhappy fans – New manager and a total overhaul of the squad with LOTs of money spent. This could be a good thing for Arsenal in the long Run and lets Face IT this season is Over for us.

  9. Neil says:

    Has there ever been a more stupid saying than be careful what u wish for, what tripe, you think Arsenal fans wish for this shower of shite that is Wenger, an prick who spends 100 million quid and goes backwards finishes outside top 4 after blowing 100 million quid, fuck me, who wishes for this garbage, and manager worth his salt could do a better job than this cunt Wenger and finisher higher and do for less money than the 10 million quid this prick gets for regression

    Every player tha,t comes to this club gets worse under this fucking dictator, this cunt couldn’t teach a shark how to bite, bellerin mustafi vermaelen, Wilshire Walcott the Ox Ramsey they go backwards under Wenger fucking ball this turd should have been flushed years ago

  10. Neil says:

    Any club that is in trouble always sacks the manager first, except at AFC, and this club is in trouble, Wenger is trashing the brand, this manager is smearing it with buckets of shit

    Consider this, Wenger spent 33 million on xhaka, 17 million on Perez, 35 million on Mustafi 5 million on Asano, 2 million on Holding, 10 million on Cech 5 million on Elneny 12 million on Debuchy, 35 million on Sanchez,3 million on Ospina, 16 million on Chambers,16 million on Welbeck11 million on Paulista 42 million on Ozil 11 million on Poldolski,13 million on Giroud,20 million on Camorra, 8 million Monreal Gervinho 10 million, the Ox 12 million,3 million on Park,6 million on Santos 10 million on Arteta and 10 million on Mertersacker all since season 2011/2012……..6 years and this manager has totalled around 330 million quid on players in that time and got two FA C ups to show for it, you think this guy is a good manager, bullshit, Wigan and Portsmouth won the FA Cup its most big deal

    This manager has spent around 60 million a year for 6 years and has two FA Cups to show for that waste, now he will miss out on 4th who thinks this is good value, not to mention the moneY he wasted on Walcott and the other useless arses Walcott 130k a week, fuck off

    So the bottom line is this club run by a Shonk flushed over 300 million in 6 years on transfers in to win 2 lousy cups

    This myth about Wenger is fucking garbage, he is not a great manager, he is a wasteful motherfucker

    Since season 2013/14 he spent roughly 240 million on Sanchez Ozil Perez Mustafa xhaka Czech elneny debuchy chambers ospina Paulista AND GONE BACKWARDS
    How is this possible, he is a fucke d manager that’s how possible, the truth is out

    Wenger is a fake manager, not to mention a wasteful one LOSER

  11. Neil says:

    2013 2014 2015 2016 2017,,,less than 5 years this fraud has wasted 240 million quid on player transfers, its fucking diabolical

    He is a laughing stock in world football and a charlatan, look at Leicester wins the league with their meagre outlay, Spurs outperforming this sterile cunt Wenger

    Someone put this fucking relic out of our misery sack this cunt now

  12. Tim Leitch says:

    Robbie, I DONT WANT to win, I want to lose. I want to lose every game until he goes because then he will have to go. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

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