Date: 17th April 2017 at 10:24pm

Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 2 | They Were Fit To Wear The Shirt Tonight! (DT)
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2 responses to “Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 2 | They Were Fit To Wear The Shirt Tonight! (DT)”

  1. neil says:

    If they weren’t fit to wear it last week, it’s the same this week

    You want to know what’s wrong at AFC, fans, deluded fans like these cunts who appear on AFTV,maintain the rage, you want him out, well dont kiss his arse when you beat a shit relegated side by one fucking goal, troopz moh dt claude and the rest, I didn’t see Lee, he must have stood firm and not gone north

    If it’s me, I don’t give my money to AFC until Wenger is gone, all the fans are doing is backing Wenger by going to the game, you my friends are what’s wrong with this fuckin g joint, dumb arse fans who refuse to stay away, what hurts these cunts is empty seats, food and beverages unsold, but no, you dumb cunts keep turning up but say you want Wenger gone, you are fucking delusional, this limpet manager will manage til he’s 80, he will never leave, you fucking dipshits

  2. neil says:

    Wenger paid Diaby 264,193k a game for his holiday at AFC, came to AFC 2006 – 2015, 9 years, played 124 games, scored 14 goals at 70,000 a week times 52 weeks = 3.6 million a year times 9 years = 32.7 million quid divided by 124 games, 264,000 per game

    And this cunt Wenger quibbles about paying Sanchez and Ozil their right dues, when he wasted, butchered a quarter of a million quid a game for Diaby

    ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, a great manager my fucking arse, the biggest fucking con man to manage in world football

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