Date: 17th April 2017 at 10:32pm

Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 2 | I Was Scared When I First Saw Three At The Back!
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One response to “Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 2 | I Was Scared When I First Saw Three At The Back!”

  1. jonfox says:

    Some of the “it’s alright now nonsense” on this site after finally “achieving a mighty win against the formidable and high scoring Middlesbro” is laughable and infantile. To be honest, this recently rare away win has addled some fans brains. Get real! We played the second worst side in the Prem and got a narrow scrambled win thanks to a player, SAANCHEZ, who will be gone in 6 weeks and the unfairly criticised Cech, who rescued our shambolic defence once again with two great second half saves. The simple and plain fact is that, thanks to Wenger’s inability to recognise a decent CB, to partner Koscielny, the ONLY real defender at the club since Sol Campbell left, the clutter of hopeless fools masquerading as serious defenders will be overwhelmed on Sunday when we actually play a side who know how to score, unlike Midlesbro. Being a total realist who does not live in la-la land, like so many other Gooners do, I welcome the certain heavy defeat against City and for two reasons. First is because it will add more huge and damaging pressure on fossil Wenger to finally resign-or even mercifully , to be sacked- and secondly because I can not stand the otherwise certain humiliation in a cup final against either of those two rivals, Spuds or Chelski who actually have real MEN and proper defenders aplenty in their team. Once we finally-a decade too late -again have a proper manager in charge things can and will change for the better. But not until then and we need more defeats to force Wenger out. Realism!!!

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