Date: 17th April 2017 at 10:35pm

Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 2 | I Was Glad To See That Wenger Was Willing To Change says Moh
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3 responses to “Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 2 | I Was Glad To See That Wenger Was Willing To Change says Moh”

  1. neil says:

    Wenger paid Diaby 264,193k a game for his holiday at AFC, came to AFC 2006 – 2015, 9 years, played 124 games, scored 14 goals at 70,000 a week times 52 weeks = 3.6 million a year times 9 years = 32.7 million quid divided by 124 games, 264,000 per game

    And this cunt Wenger quibbles about paying Sanchez and Ozil their right dues, when he wasted, butchered a quarter of a million quid a game for Diaby

    ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, a great manager my fucking arse, the biggest fucking con man to manage in world football

  2. neil says:

    Mohs happy Wenger changed the system against a team that scored 22 goals all season, he could have played without a keeper and two at the back and still not lost this game

    Play 3 at the back against Palace and it’s 5-0

    Play 3 at the back against City and it’s 7-0

    So spare me your shite about Wenger able to change a system once in 20 fucking years

  3. jon fox says:

    So the fossil finally changed to three at the back; big deal! To make this system work you need proper men with “balls” in the side who can harry, close down, tackle, head clear and chase. And we have Kos, the only proper defender in the entire club supported(not) by the ridiculous Gabriel, thankfully absent Mustafi and greenhorn Holding alongside those two one paced journey men and non achievers Ramsey and Xhaka. They are the equivalent of plastic beakers on a table full of cut glass crystal. Shot shy Middlesbro should have scored at least twice more and but for Cech, would have done so. Change the dsystem by all means Wenger but first get some real men to support Kos, Cech and ballsy Sanchez who is off in 6 weeks and who can blame him. And you had that “wonderful natural captain, the mighty Walcott” on the bench too. Pity the bench was not floating in a stormtossed Pacific ocean. Then, we might well have saved £140k per week for the Walcott family to live in the luxury that we fools have paid for over the last eleven years. Nothing has changed, Wenger, the owner and board OUT!!!

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