Date: 16th May 2018 at 9:08am

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7 responses to “Is Mikel Arteta The Right Man To Replace Arsene Wenger?”

  1. Nicholas Tan says:

    NO Areta is not the right man for the Arsenal job. What the hack is that Arsenal board thinking. Need a experienced coach for instance Monaco coach or former psg coach. Arsenal want to follow the post fergie route appoint David Moyes then give him the firing bullet then appoint LVG before appoint Jose. Arsenal can’t afford to take the same route like united did. Wake up board sleepy heads

  2. Fabian K says:

    Hi Robbie,

    Let me categorically state that Mikel Arteta would be the worst possible appointment that we could make. That would confirm everything we know about this Owner and the board. They are happy merely to stay on the Premier League, zero ambition, and we are all being conned again lime they have done so many times in the past.

    I will go a step further if that is the appointment he is not getting my support and then it’s time for real protests to get Kroenke out. It is disgraceful that Ancelloti is available and we have not hired him already or Allegri or even Veira. The board is moving everyone off.

    They want a cheap yes man who will not rock Tue boat and that is exactly what we don’t need right now.

    I cannot emphasize enough that we as a fanhase must become more proactive and united to get a clear message to the board and the owner we will NOT tolerate this type of bullshit appointment. Arteta is not up to it. It will be a disastrous appointment.

    Firstly he cannot organise the defense, cannot attract any big name players, would have zero authority over the big name players we already have. It is simply ludacris that his name is even being mentioned.

    I hope all season ticket holders don’t renew if he is the appointment. It is a shocking indictment of how far we have fallen as a club that his name is even mentioned. I am disgusted and appalled by what is happen ok Ng. The sooner Kroenke sells the club to an owner that actually cares about it the better.
    He only keeps Arsenal so they can take money out every year, leverage against it to gain laons for his other franchises and because it looks prestigious in his portfolio. He is a disgraceful owner.

    I am English of West Indian origin. I can tell you that not one single person here in the Caribbean wants Arteta. It is a disgrace and if that is the appointment I want to urge all true fans to start protesting for the removal of the owner and the board. We should be protesting now that Arteara is even being considered.

  3. JP says:

    Yes. Capitano Arteta and now Jefe Arteta.

  4. Uchendu Ozokwo says:

    I have always been a big Fan of Arteta as a player but as a manager with his level of managerial experience is a huge gamble at a time true Arsenal faithful thought that our over ten years nightmare (associated with being an Arsenal fan) are over.It’s just unbelievable and unrealistic to even suggest that..

  5. Bakri says:

    Arteta was an Arsenal player just two years ago anf starting his coahing career at Manchester city, therefore he doesn’t have the necessary football management kowlege and tghe man management experience which is the most difficult part of tghe job. It will almost be impossible for him to manage his former coleagues like ozil and Ramsie among others.In the interest of Arteta himseklf no start his magerial career at a big club lijke Arsenal , that may be possible after ten years of management exporience at smakller clubs .The failure at Arsenal might represent the end iof his mangerial carrer .

  6. Bal says:

    After being an Arsenal supporter since 1979, I can’t believe we are at this point. While other top clubs appoint great experienced managers. We are looking to appoint Arteta! I am abosoluted disgusted by the board and thier lack of ambition. If ANY supporter is happy with this they really dont care about this club and are not true Arsenal fans. Every tranfer window the board have done this and put us fans throught HELL, and here we go again!!! We might as well have just kept Wenger. In any job does the employer employ the least qualified person, really!!!!! Arteta as a player was never good enough to play for Arsenal and achieved nothing, accept the F**K all cup and we have had some superb players and he’s no where near them.

  7. Roger says:


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