Date: 20th March 2017 at 1:40pm

Is It Time For Wenger To Go?? | Arsenal Fans Worldwide Have Their Say.
From Australia to Africa Gooners have their say.
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7 responses to “Is It Time For Arsene Wenger To Go?? | Arsenal Fans Worldwide Have Their Say”

  1. K wells says:

    I have been a arsenal supporter for over 50 years & been proud of the club but now I will not watch them play at all the players & the manager look lost on the field & wenger is past his sell bye datemorgan had the right idea keep Sanchez & sell the rest I’m ashamed now to admit I’m a fan he has got to go

  2. Javier says:

    somebody is saying quote:
    There is no benefit to Wenger staying at this point, even as an advisor.

    He has no brain for defense.

    He can no longer pick out talent.

    He’s a horrible game manager.

    He’s a shit tactician.

    If he hasn’t lost the dressing room, it’s damn close.

    He collects fucking 8.3 million pounds per year.

    He’s ripping the club apart.

    He’s turning Arsenal into a laughing stock.

    He’s ripping the fan base apart.

    If he had any dignity he would have resigned after that fucking Bayern debacle. It’s obvious that he has no dignity, or ability to evaluate himself, so he’ll have to be shown the door. The trouble is that he has probably penned the contract.

    If he signs a two year deal, Arsenal will be the joke of the footballing world. As if we aren’t already. What a shambles.

  3. Javier says:

    WENGER never learns
    You can predict an Arsenal season before it’s even begun.
    When it comes to tactics, Wenger is often found out.
    It’s taken him years to finally realise you need to give up some possession for being tighter in bigger games, but there’s still no real variation.
    Deluded quotes……..he said quote
    We have leaders in every position”
    Players don’t seem to believe in him
    In crucial games in a must-win clash the players didn’t seem bothered.

    He’s holding Arsenal back

  4. I have been an arsenal fan for many yrs l really enjoy futball in time of hery,pires,viara,kanu,bekap nd co but am suprise in wat is happen now but this is de right time for him to go we have had enogh of him beeing our maneger arsen is making fool of us he is hurting de fans in many ways bicos he can’t even sign an implasive players his hands are so tyt pls we are arsenal fans nt customers, arsenal fc nt arsen fc pls let de board wakeup any day arsen wenger ill go l find a spornsor so dat l ill come to london to celebrate wit my fellow fans gunners tilllllll 08180730852

  5. Daniel says:

    No need to keep Wenger any longer. He has come of age let him go. Imagine some clubs will just bring in a new manager and at the end of the season they go home with one or two trophy. Wenger is there fighting for fourth position that he can not even defend when it is time. Pls we should look at other clubs frm past they have been doing well. Arsenal is always struggling every season. In short Boss Wenger out.

  6. Mark says:

    Arsene Wenger thinks he refounded Arsenal in 1996. It is Arsenal F.C. 1886 not Arsenal F.C. 1996.

    Arsenal is run like a business for the benefit of Mr Wenger and the board. High ticket prices generate more revenue for the club. But we don’t see world-class players being bought every season. Forbes estimated the club was the second most valuable in England, worth $2.0 billion.Arsenal is worth more than Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City and Liverpool. Yet Arsenal still don’t spend big in the transfer market every season.

    Wenger out.

  7. 9 says:

    To close, I’m reading loads about wages of Sanchez and Ozil, will they go, who will come in…etc…thats all utter nonsense in the BiG scheme of things. Whether they stay or go makes no difference if Wenger stays. They will simply be wasting another twelve months of their lives, albeit earning substantial money.

    And so, let’s not skirt around the edges, distracting ourselves on side issues. Lets do what Wenger and the board are incapable of doing and be proactive in making Wengers decision to leave ours and not theirs…

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