Date: 16th July 2017 at 11:55am

Is Alexis Sanchez Doing A Van Persie? | AFTV Transfer Daily
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5 responses to “Is Alexis Sanchez Doing A Van Persie? | AFTV Transfer Daily”

  1. Gaza says:

    Definitely make him stay and honour his contract,things may change during the season,also it would be good to send a message to other players,that if you sign a contract it must be seen through and don’t forget Sanchez was part of the team that didn’t qualify for the champions league.

  2. Michael says:

    If Arsenal, at this time, don’t make Alexis stay, Arsene will have a mountain to climb to build the team’s moral in challenging in the ‘league title’.

  3. Richard says:


    By the grace of God, how many quality players have this club had?
    If you have a player who is not committed to the course, then the best thing is to let the effing prima Donna go. As a club, we stand firm, people come and go, but the club stays, some of you fellows out there have prolly had women issues, if the girl is going she is gonna go, so yes Mr Sanchez, go now and save us all the drama, we don’t need it.

  4. john sharky says:

    how many times do we have to learn by our mistakes you do not sell your best players to your rivals come on arsenal pay the money

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