Date: 10th March 2018 at 1:35am

How Can Wenger Be Sacked If He Wins The Europa League? | All Gunz Blazing Podcast Ft DT
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3 responses to “How Can Wenger Be Sacked If He Wins The Europa League? | All Gunz Blazing Podcast Ft DT”

  1. DT thinks massive changes and chaos at the club are going to make things better. Never looking at himself and the negative fans and their impact on the club. Arsenal’s so-called “mental fragility” is the result of you stupid negative fans. Look at the league, there are very very few examples of clubs making massive wholesale changes with success. What you idiots don’t understand, is that when you spend more time attacking your own players and creating a toxic atmosphere, the more you will lose. You can’t say “we fucking hate you” to the players and then say “but win for us!” It’s ridiculous. You can’t get positive results by attacking your own club. You people were against your own team even when Arsenal were in 1st place. You are fairweather fans, you don’t know what real support means. If you hadn’t sabotaged your own club for the past 4 years, we would have won the league. We were well capable, but instead on focusing on backing your players, you spent the whole time spewing hate and creating controversy to increase your own social media profile. I don’t know why AFTV focuses on interviewing these people. What credibility do they have? How do they represent real fans? How do they help the team? Honestly, the problem is not with Wenger DT, it’s with people like you. You don’t support the club, all you do you do to get attention, and you bear responsibility for negative results along with all the other negative fans that have done their utmost to sabotage the team and done nothing but contribute to losses. Had the club the privilege never to have had you people around, we would have won the league. You people are losers, and your loser mentality is the greatest hindrance to the club. Arsenal culture is about solidarity and class. You have none of that. Get out.

    • says:

      who the hell posted that ridiculous falacious analysis of we the Arsenal fans? you.must be blind,or simpky Old wengers proponents.Are you too blind,if not new in the Gunners support rank….How can you accuse neigbours who voice concern over the failure of their own brother to imprignate a beautiful wie,that has even produced a child before in another home。Ozil and other playets came from tested grounds.When you offer advise,wenger doesnt heed to it.Go to hospital and pick drugs…he is adamant…He is the problem….we appreciate his legendary contribution…but even the bezt dancer leaves the stage.

  2. neil says:

    What a total fucking bunch of shit that post was…..Wenger has fucked this club not DT you fucking retard…..AC Milan shit themselves…stood off and shit themselves, made the 2-0 victory look better than it was….Arsenal are weak as piss, no balls. Ozil is a daffodil touch him and he falls over….300,000 a week for non performances….Wenger is a relic, a French fucking dinosaur

    Robbie is the biggest AKB I have ever seen…never disses him a true arse kisser

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