Date: 18th June 2017 at 6:30am

Does Ox Want To Leave & New Offer For Lacazette! | AFTV Transfer Daily
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2 responses to “Does Ox Want To Leave & New Offer For Lacazette! | AFTV Transfer Daily”

  1. Theo Walcott is the surplus at front and Arsenal can’t Theo put on the same salary bracket with Sanchez& Ozil.Instead of this rumours going around that The Ox want to leave Arsenal Theo should be going. Mr Wenger does not treat fans fairly when coming to buy players, he should just buy quality players without any hesitation. What is he doing now? `Only have one play on free transfer and at the end of the transfer market he would say there were no players available but other teams would have strengthened their squad. Where is he marketing the players, under the sea? The money is available, he does not want to use it, we are losing quality players and the board is going soft on him. The only thing that Wenger is after is huge amount of bonus at the end of the season and the board congratulate him “WORK WELL DONE” because themselves are looking for big chunk of money because they see Arsenal as a Big Healthy Dairy Cow. I would like this email to be published. Thank you

  2. Steven nyalugwe chisale says:

    I from Malawi think wenger has some weakness as everybody has but does not learn from previous mistakes.for example mbappe ,he was nearly signed by him at around 300 000 but look now he want to cough upto 100 000 000 which is not good.instead of buying quality players in time build the team and stand preparations for next season ,he is reluctant to.that’s why other players wants to leave for other teams who can perform better than arsenal .

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