Date: 15th May 2017 at 9:36am

Arsenal v Sunderland Preview: Momentum, Momentum, MOMENTUM!!!

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One response to “Arsenal v Sunderland Preview: Momentum, Momentum, MOMENTUM!!!”

  1. neil says:

    You are deluded as the rest of the fans Robbie, Liverpool will beat Boro, so your momentum is total wank, even if Arsenal win their next two games, so what, they finish behind Liverpool, 5th is Wenger’s lot, I know it pisses you off, because no more interviews outside the elite stadiums

    Instead you freeze your arse off in some god knows what fucking joint

    You can thank Wenger for that, and while your at it ask those cunts at AFC why they were on holidays in January through March

    Allegri in the CL final with Kehdera, Alves, Manduzkic, cast offs and the manager glued them together into a great unit

    Wenger.a useless cunt, and that’s being kind, he is over rated, he is average, bang average

    He has a decent squad, but this shit sack cannot get the best out of them, they only started playing when they realized top 4 was in trouble, top 4 is instilled in these players from a slimy fucking manager, they believe if they get top 4 they done their job

    That’s why this cunt Wenger needs to fuck off right now

    And by the way, these cunts including Wenger are not making top 4, so fuck your momentum bullshit

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