Date: 21st April 2017 at 8:37am

Arsenal v Man City FA Cup Semi Final Preview (Ft DT & Troopz at Wembley)
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7 responses to “Arsenal v Man City | FA Cup Semi Final Preview (Ft DT & Troopz at Wembley)”

  1. neil says:

    Look at these two fuckwits, they both want Wenger out, DT and Troopz is what is wrong with this club
    How can you want Wenger out and at the same time want Arsenal to win games, to beat City, it is fucking nonsense, if Arsenal win games it gives Wenger a reason to sign a new contract

    If the losses mount up there is no fucking logic to keeping Wenger, none, so if you want him gone, you cannot possibly want Arsenal to win, it’s self defeating, you pair of cunts

    The same goes for those that want him gone but you want the club to win matches, listen to yourselves you fucking retards

    The only ones with any credibility are Chris and TY, because they want him to stay and win games, the other fucking bellends can’t have both, fuck the lot of you stupid cunts, we want Wenger gone but we wan’t to win our games, you cunts need therapy

  2. neil says:

    Here’s how fucked up this club has become, lose top 4 means 30-40 million less revenue from CL

    Add to that Kroneke gives Wenger two more years @ 10 million a year, is 60 million down the drain, it’s not happening, Kroenke loses 40 million quid and gives the guy responsible 20 million, are you fucking serious

    If this happens they are fucking each other, because the same will happen next season, Wenger is a stale bottle of piss, finished in any fucking league, let alone the most competitive

    It’s no coincidence Wenger has been exposed by Conte, Pep, Mourinho, again and Klopp, and every CL manager, Wenger is a con man, over rated fucking has been

  3. neil says:

    It was easy to get top 4 before, every year he got it, why, managers like Allardyce, Pardew, Martinez, Pulis, Mclaren, Roy Hodgson, Mark Hughes,Owen Coyle, Avram Grant, Neil Warnock, Martin Jol….and hundreds like these fucking losers, with the clout of AFC I could have finished 4th against these cunts

    What happens when real managers come along, Klopp, Mourinho, Conte, Pep, they show you this cunts real worth, fucked in their 1st and second years, as Troopz says Wenger is a fraud

    He’s been found out, this useless cunt is done

  4. neil says:

    How many times has Wenger beaten Mourinho in a competitive game, NONE, never won against him ever, it’s a disgrace, and it’s nowt to do with money

    If Kroenke wants to keep getting CL, now is the time to ditch saggy arse Wenger, he is burnt out cunt, thinks he’s still got it

    Has Sanchez and Ozil, spent 90 million quid and gone backwards this season, BACKWARDS

    Jesus, behind 0-3 to Bournemouth, beaten by Watford, conceded 3 goals against WBA Liverpool, Chelsea, Palace, got smashed by
    Saints 0-4

    got humiliated 3-15 against Bayern in 3 games

    Tell me one reason to keep this cunt 8.5 million quid for that shit show, fuck off

  5. neil says:

    My guess is Kroenke will sell AFC, made his profit of around 600 million, can see Wenger is finished, so why bother with 6th or 7th, time for rebirth of AFC Kroenke out, Wenger out, in fact every cunt out, injuries are a joke, training is a fucking joke, defending is beyond a fucking joke

    Kroenke has let this club slide into a shithole, greedy cocksucker yank, only cares about money

    This is football cunt, your not welcome here you fucking parasite

  6. neil says:

    Just think about it, the great footballers of the past, champions who scrapped a living out of football men in the 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s, and they pay 50 million quid for Stones, pay 130,000 quid a fucking week for Walcott, fuck me are you kidding me, corporations stole football, without their corrupt ways we would still have our champions, how much did Stanley Matthews get out of the game, Bill Nicholson and many more great players not paid their dues Toure 200,000 plus quid a week, fuck off

    The wages Man City players earn are obscene, for ordinary fucking journeymen pulling 150,000 to 200,000k a week get fucked Sterling a useless little cunt, yes hes fast, so what paying that freak for being quick, this game is fucked by money

    it’s not about football anymore, it’s about selling shit, football is the front

  7. Javier says:

    Arsenal in such poor form….it will be a miracle if they win…

    I want to be wrong ..but
    mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge.

    good luck…..

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