Date: 13th March 2017 at 6:16pm

Are The Wenger Out Protests RIGHT or WRONG??
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9 responses to “Are The Wenger Out Protests RIGHT or WRONG??”

  1. Yorks gooner says:


    Just a word in your shell like thanks. In human society it’s always the few that lead the (goyim)- masses! Always more sheep than guard dogs but who wins the battle eh?? History shows that-in revolution- it’s the few that always implement change !!

  2. neil says:

    Of course their right to protest, only thing is, it’s about 5 years to late, this relic should have been pissed off years ago, the reason he wasn’t is he makes the club profit

    Wenger is no longer about football….it’s all about money, if he had his way he would sign contracts until he dropped dead, if he lived to 90 he would still want to manage Arsenal, it’s beyond a fucking joke

  3. Javier says:

    More than never before we have to get this Cabal illuminati reptile out of Arsenal Club

    Wenger Out!!!

  4. French Gooner says:

    4th Place is no trophy Robbie. Out with Wenger out with Kronkei. I want to see that plane fly over the stadium. I want fucken title, Wenger is to softand its rubbing of the players and fans. Wenger out!

  5. Gooner Jon says:

    The longer he stays voluntarily or by the patronage of the board the longer and louder the protests will get and it will look like he is being ‘hounded out’. But he is not being ‘hounded out’ he is being stubborn and the board are being indecisive

  6. Alan Gane says:

    Just get him out. Please. And Kroenke. Arsenal is no longer a football club but a money making business. Kroenke sees the profits and says ‘carry on’ Why would he sack him when Arsenal are making money to fund his other teams in America. I am sick and tired of it

  7. Rippy says:

    Feel like we are bullying him ?!?!
    8 million a year and a £3 mill bonus to finish 4th
    Are you serious….
    the truth is his whole agenda isn’t to win anything.
    Wenger is all about the money . Nothing more.
    And not finishing top 4 will hurt his wallet .
    He is now going to leave the club in a worse position than how he found it !
    And that’s the truth . Who ever takes over after him has a massive job clearing out the dead wood and inferior championship level players.

  8. Javier says:

    This does it game over

    West grate Brom 3 Arsenal 1

    Wenger and his ladies loosing again?

    Surprise!!! wENGER OUT!!

  9. javier says:

    somebody is saying quote:
    There is no benefit to Wenger staying at this point, even as an advisor.

    He has no brain for defense.

    He can no longer pick out talent.

    He’s a horrible game manager.

    He’s a shit tactician.

    If he hasn’t lost the dressing room, it’s damn close.

    He collects fucking 8.3 million pounds per year.

    He’s ripping the club apart.

    He’s turning Arsenal into a laughing stock.

    He’s ripping the fan base apart.

    If he had any dignity he would have resigned after that fucking Bayern debacle. It’s obvious that he has no dignity, or ability to evaluate himself, so he’ll have to be shown the door. The trouble is that he has probably penned the contract.

    If he signs a two year deal, Arsenal will be the joke of the footballing world. As if we aren’t already. What a shambles.

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