Date: 10th March 2017 at 11:22am

“Wenger in” or “Wenger out” are the words on everyone’s lips nowadays, whether that’s fans, ex arsenal players, legends or the media. It’s a question that needs answering as soon as possible or things could get out of hand.

Firstly what is the issue at Arsenal Football Club? Is it the manager? The players? The board? Well I personally think all three have to take the blame for the instant fall in Arsenal’s form. Where should I start first? Well that will be with the players. The players at the club are professional footballers who have either come through the academy ranks or have been bought as a huge figure from other clubs. They should take more blame than the manager and need to step up to the plate. However, instead of stepping up, they are crumbling under the pressure.

These players want to impress the manager week in week out to start in this team but when they get the chance to start a match and really prove themselves, they let down the team, manager and fans. Shocking performances this season include defeats to Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and especially Bayern Munich. As we as fans feel let down and disgusted.

As for the manager – he’s taken the most blame as he is the face of Arsenal and I do believe he deserves the majority that comes his way. He is the man who picks the players to buy, the man who faces the press and although he’s been in this job for 20+ years, all good things must come to an end.

What people fail to realise is that all the “Wenger out” fans do appreciate what he has done for the club. Whether that’s from building a fantastic stadium, signing world class players in Ozil and Sanchez, turning the clubs revenue around to make us the 7th richest club in the world and for all his success in the first 8 years at Arsenal (where he won near enough everything except the Champions League). Although us we understand this, we also understand that he is tarnishing his legacy and that he needs to leave before its too late. As fans you can see he’s making the wrong decisions in important games. In his press conferences and interviews he looks tired and drained.

This club use to be called ‘The Arsenal’ and now we’re just referred to as ‘Arsenal’.

Are the players really willing to play for their manager? At Chelsea when Mourinho was having that shocker of a season, the players clearly didn’t want to play for him and although he had won the Premier League the season before, he was sacked. It was a bold decision by Roman Abramovich, but something necessary that the Arsenal Board would not do as they don’t have the balls to make big decisions, which leads me to my next point…

The Arsenal board need to go; They are too scared to make big decisions that are needed. They are most certainly not driven by trophies, they are driven by money and as long as us Arsenal fans fill those seats at The Emirates every week, they will never have a problem where we finish as long as their pockets continue to be filled with our money.

People love to scream that football is a business, and yes to an extent I agree with that statement, but football is a sport and without fans the sport becomes nothing at all. Stan Kroenke himself said that he didn’t invest in Arsenal to win trophies which just makes me believe that all the shareholders have the same aspirations. The board at Arsenal football club are the main issue here as they have little desire to win trophies. As long as they are in charge, Arsenal as a club will never compete with teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This club use to be called ‘The Arsenal’ and now we’re just referred to as Arsenal. It may not seem a lot but it is a big down grade. We use to have world class players and a team that was rock solid at the back and devastating in offence. Now I can say we just have an average team who only on their day can beat the big teams. This club needs a new start and a make over, from the board to the manager to the players otherwise we’ll just be in the same predicament each year.

James Hena


10 responses to “Wenger In or Wenger Out…?”

  1. Arsenalist says:

    Disagree with humility. It’s the players, not Wenger.

  2. Nigeria arsenal fans says:

    the problem is from the coach and the management

  3. Nicholas says:

    The club now seems to be in crisis with fans divided between Wenger in or Wenger out. From my view it’s not just Wenger fault but also Kroenke fault where he is now showing up in home games cheering the team and Wenger have to face the bullets from fans media it’s unfair for Wenger. It should be Kroenke out of Arsenal n let the Russian billionaire take over out Kroenke out even Wenger is to leave Arsenal he need to leave with pride n dignity for what he has done for the club

  4. Kan says:

    Arsene Wenger will prove the doubters wrong in the end. He is not the crocked old has-been that some supporters think. Watch this space. Wenger in!

  5. P j mcnamara says:

    A total boycott of all games for the rest of the season home and away. and if things don’t change the same for next season. No season shirts. NOTHING .. hit them where it hurts in their pockets .. let them play to an empty stadium . Banners count for jack nothing THEY STILL HAVE YOUR MONEY AND ALL THE BANNERS WON’T CHANGE THAT . total boycott is the only answer now . And atv should champion this cause . 43 years a Gooner and never seen my a f c in such bad shape .

  6. Charlotte Burn says:

    stop funding the club,kroenke is a billionaire already

  7. Adam tanner says:

    If Wenger was a winner and he could not win because of the board not supporting him, then he would leave.
    We need our chairman and manager to want the same, oh they do, a healthy balance sheet.

  8. Javier says:

    2nd half Arsenal 3 West Ham 0

    nothing of a accomplishment

    against a poor team full of injuries

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge.

    Wenger OUT!!!!

  9. Robert says:

    Wenger is a Professor he thinks a LOT he is paid to do so, he boxes clever I am not going to get into arguments on here with fellow fans but his lates is he wants british players to step up on the City game, Now i do not see the connection here becasue they were shockingly poor this season the ones in our club anyways. So it is obvious the FA cup being a very british Trophy and winning Arsenal fans over stating everywhere lately that he expects the British players to step up and represent this club he thinks as he does it is good for moral THAT thought has been there since the WAR but the Question Remains WHY? and the answer is like the fans say here they pay top prices for the tickets and for all these years we have the TOP Stadium that should be holding top Trophies but we look like we have small feet in large shoes. My answer being can you all just imagine the Invinsibles in there and Henry ? we would be the Club everyone wants and THAT dear Friends IS AVAILABLE IF the Jod is done RIGHT too many top class management left not just the Invinsibles on the pitch!

  10. Robert says:

    I STILL DO NOT THINK THEY WANT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CUP because if they did they would have done so by now.
    Sadly there is only one thing we are top in and that is like it has recently been broadcasted that Arsenal are the only Premier Club in Britain to use academy players so lets do our maths like good little boys and gals here you pay top dollar merchandise you pay top dollar tickets you got a lovely stadium to enjoy a wonderful day out and it is geared to the Family spirit. Yes that is it you got your monies worth THEY THINK. THAT dear Friends is the Jist of the Matter you are going to a Stadium to watch the breeding of top class players in Britain the BEST in Europe well you have to be the best in something right? even if we are the ONLY ONES in britain useing the Academy players. Now we have the Market the Farmer Gazzedis working the Ranch of kronekie the Ranch boss where we see the Bidding for the young studs who seem to groom up well. They are bred well they are treated very well, so for a few deals on the ground the Club buys from the bidding pot a few grand or so. Then the SYSTEM the TOP four finish that these young studs are expected to reach because they become the premier elite, and full of chamions league experience, wow Magic they are now Super Stars and worth Multi Millions. lets face it folks our Children fall in love with the Stars butthe Stars never let you know just how much ourchildren have paid to hearthem sing we do not argue about the concert tickets while these little shits earn a monsterious amount of your money so what difference is there here a POP START of FOOTBALL STAR the Promotion Rackets have us all tied up in Packages we have no ideas about. Lets face it how MUCH do you pay just to see a Teenage Monkey sing on a stage? someone you do not even know? Get my point here? i would rather give the money to my kids and see their faces light up and the Family have a better life themselves. Football was great in my day you could afford to take the whole family and enjoy it. Until ALL fans not just Arsenal British Fans but all Families stop and think there will always be tears and frustrations that need not be there. The Rancher baught what and where is that Money? in Britain for jobs er NO the wonderful world of TRUMP anyone for a game of Cards ?

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