Date: 6th March 2017 at 4:07pm

Over the past few months, I have noticed the constant abuse Arsene Wenger has been receiving, whilst I myself find it difficult to continue to defend him I believe some fans are beginning to take it overboard essentially bringing a bad atmosphere into the stadium which definitely effects players performance.

The media have continuously picked and misinterpreted words said by Arsene Wenger to grow the agenda against the man that has had such a huge impact on the club. Take for example, in the press conference today I have noticed the misquotation of him saying “…I Built this club.” rather than the actual quote which read “I have helped to build this club” key difference being “HELPED”.

Before looking at Wenger, I believe we must look at the resources being made available to him. Watching Arsene Wenger’s interviews it is clear he is becoming increasingly frustrated however, it is also clear ‘he wants to take the club to the next level’. I have seen the man receiving abuse for attempting to sign players such as Lacazette and Suarez with ridiculously low bids. However, an important question to take into consideration which is often omitted is whether the amount he bid was all that was made available to him.

In terms of his tactics, I share the frustration that he has often got them completely wrong. However, he has also often got them right. Take the Bayern Munich away match for example. The team was set out to defend and soak pressure then hit back on the counter, which was working up until the point Koscielny came off injured. After this point, the team seemed jagged and lacked leadership. This brings back to my point of resources made available; lack of financial resources made available to  the manager means he was not able to bring the correct players both for starting 11 and the bench, rather he was forced to settle and work with what he has given (which to his defence he was done amazingly).

Finally, this whole situation with Alexis Sanchez who has undoubtedly been our best player this season. Although Sanchez is a great player I have noticed fans are reluctant to criticise him. On recent weeks Sanchez has continued to play in a greedy fashion and overall bring a bad aura when things do not go his way and regardless of this fans seem to ignore him behaving like he is above the club. I am not abusing Sanchez, I just feel he needs to be committed to the team achieving as a unit and not just him by himself; in other words, he needs to start playing with the team as great players do. (Understandably this cannot be easy when you have to play with the likes of  Ramsey, Coquelin and Monreal) .

To summarise I believe too much focus is being given on Wenger as the problem. We must look at the board members such as Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis who hand Wenger rotten lemon peels to make lemonade. Their unwillingness to spend is costing the club and I honestly believe any manager who comes into the job will have the same struggles. Wenger has been loyal enough to hold the abuse received towards the board and the players, he never attempts to ship blame and just takes it all in his plate. Members of the board and the players should come out and take some responsibility rather than hide behind Wenger; especially members of the board!

Tomorrow is a big match for the club and rather than going there feeling pessimistic and looking forward to abusing the manager (which I now believe some do)  we should go there believing we are going to win, ready to celebrate and to support the players and the manager. Together we stand, united we fall!  #WeAreTheArsenal! #ComeOnYouGunners!


6 responses to “In Defence of Arsene Wenger…”

  1. China says:


  2. Kan says:

    Thanks for a well thought out article with which I wholly agree. The WOB have taken things too far and are letting the club down.

  3. Grant says: can not blame everything on the manager. Every one must shoulder some blame. Woeful defence vs WBa with the high ball from set play,a lack of animal instinct in the opponents’ box lies responsibility with the players and constant whingeing by a segment of the fans are factors that don’t seem to be discussed in all this.

  4. Javier says:

    2nd half Arsenal 3 West Ham 0

    nothing of a accomplishment

    against a poor team full of injuries

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge.

    Wenger OUT!!!!

  5. ROME says:

    If Wenger cared about winning he would demand more money from the board. I dont blame the players at all the manager is tactically clueless. After watching the CRYSTALL PALACE game last night there can be no argument about him (wenger) being of any use to the club any more all Arsenal fans that are still wenger in I want you to ask yourself this will Arsene Wenger ever win us the premier league again or ever even win us the Champions League if your honest with yourself you know the answer to that question is NO!!!

    Lol even Wenger himself knows thats why he says his trophy is top 4.Now i personally think he is the worst thing that has ever happened to Arsenal as much as we can all say he helped build the club mark my words if he is offered another 2 year deal and signs it he will be known as the man who helped destroy our beloved club. And if you cant see that then you shouldnt be an Arsenal fan

    • jon fox says:

      I totally endorse most words written by the in touch with reality ROME. I do however take some issue with him over absolving the players of any blame. Howevewr, the author of the article he was replying too is barking up the wrong tree, despite his well made points about the board and owners complete lack of REAL financial backing or REAL care for the club. He is quite wrong to try to absolve Wenger of total responsibility for his, alone, decision to bring in such clowns as Gabriel, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Ramsey, and all the other useless and inept defenders he, alone,has purchased and considered good enough since Sol Campbell left. Spurs bought Alderweirald and Wanyama while Wenger again dithered and got third best players but we could have had him. Chelsea bought Kante and many other proper defenders But we bought Coquelin and Xhaka, God help us. Were they the boards choices? No, they were Wengers and he is also totally incapable of coaching any serious defence, George Graham style. How I wish we had a George Graham manager, who actually recognises that to win titles you HAVE to have proper, tough,not cowardly and lumbering so called defenders like those Wenger has bought so very often. Fact is Wenger has no idea how to set up buy or coach a proper defence and that is one, of many reasons, he has been unfit for purpose for a decade now.

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