Date: 18th March 2017 at 6:32pm

Jamie Redknapp believes the negativity surrounding Arsene Wenger has never been this fierce.

The Sky Sports pundit says he fears the worst for the Gunners boss following Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to West Brom on Saturday.

Redknapp criticised Arsenal’s “shambolic” defending after Albion’s Craig Dawson was unchallenged for both of his headed goals from corners.

Following the game, the pundit expressed his concerns for the Arsenal manger in the Sky Sports studio.

“That’s the sort of performance that gets managers the sack,” said Redknapp.

“Arsene Wenger has put so much trust in them [the players] over the years, he has protected them.

“Today, that was shambolic from Arsenal, Thierry [Henry] mentioned the words ‘attitude, desire, set pieces’.

“I have never seen such shambolic defending, and I feel so sorry for those Arsenal fans who have come up here in their droves today.

“I thought there would be some kind of performance, but it was diabolical today.”

It’s Arsenal’s sixth defeat in their last nine games.

The North Londoners remain five points adrift of Liverpool who sit fourth. Arsenal do still have a game in hand over the Reds, but with Manchester City next up, catching Jurgen Klopp’s side looks far from certain.


4 responses to ““That’s the kind of performance that gets a manager sacked” says Redknapp”

  1. javier says:

    somebody is saying quote:
    There is no benefit to Wenger staying at this point, even as an advisor.

    He has no brain for defense.

    He can no longer pick out talent.

    He’s a horrible game manager.

    He’s a shit tactician.

    If he hasn’t lost the dressing room, it’s damn close.

    He collects fucking 8.3 million pounds per year.

    He’s ripping the club apart.

    He’s turning Arsenal into a laughing stock.

    He’s ripping the fan base apart.

    If he had any dignity he would have resigned after that fucking Bayern debacle. It’s obvious that he has no dignity, or ability to evaluate himself, so he’ll have to be shown the door. The trouble is that he has probably penned the contract.

    If he signs a two year deal, Arsenal will be the joke of the footballing world. As if we aren’t already. What a shambles.

  2. Chu says:

    Thus typical African leadership style. Am Ghanaian though

  3. Neil says:

    Not at AFC, it gets you 8.5 million quid a year, don’t you think two 5-1 thrashings should be enough for the sack, this man is unsackable

    He tells his piss weak CEO what to do, he tells the board to fuck themselves, this is the tail wagging the dog, it’s beyond a fucking joke

  4. Javier says:

    WENGER never learns
    You can predict an Arsenal season before it’s even begun.
    When it comes to tactics, Wenger is often found out.
    It’s taken him years to finally realise you need to give up some possession for being tighter in bigger games, but there’s still no real variation.
    Deluded quotes……..he said quote
    We have leaders in every position”
    Players don’t seem to believe in him
    In crucial games in a must-win clash the players didn’t seem bothered.

    He’s holding Arsenal back

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