Date: 11th March 2017 at 1:57pm

Arsenal have been in the news both on and off the pitch in recent weeks with reports of a training ground bust-up at the forefront of news outlets – but what really happened?

During a training session last week Alexis Sanchez received a heavy challenge from a teammate and stormed off the London Colney training ground pitch.

The altercation on the pitch allegedly led to a row with Captain Laurent Koscielny as the pair went toe to toe in the dressing room.

Arsene Wenger dropped Sanchez for the subsequent game against Liverpool. Though he claimed this was for the team to be more direct, it is thought the move was disciplinary sanction against the Chilean.

Arsenal legend Robert Pires then admitted there was a falling-out in training, with Theo Walcott going further by saying ‘we can’t be fighting in training’ (via The Express).

After coming off against Bayern on Tuesday, Sanchez was then pictured smiling from the bench as Arsenal were humiliated 5-1 at home.


5 responses to “Sanchez bust up – what really happened”

  1. javier says:

    Arsenal v Lincoln City Forgotten Forward Lucas Perez To Start!!!!!

    is about time!!!

  2. javier says:

    I dont see Lucas Perez in the starting line
    up… against Lincoln City just too bad Wenger will pay

    Wenger OUT!!

  3. Cynthia Kime says:

    How disloyal can you get. The players have to take some of the blame. They should not fall apart when they are down to 10 men. Wenger should stay.

  4. Joe Igobah says:

    Wenger has no business staying beyond this season. It’s very obvious he has lost the modern tactics of football #wengerout

  5. Kimi says:

    I wonder how many people have watched the Arsenal-Bayern game. We were leading 1-0 and could have scored more in the first half. The tactics was right, the players did their best, what more could we expect from them? Then, came a penalty and sending off and the game was killed from that moment. Would you want to see us sitting back to protect a 6-1 score-line? Or keep going and try to score? To me, the 5-1 score line was irrelevant. I have seen the (correct) response from the team against one of the best club.

    I can’t say enough how much the players were trying to please the so called ‘fans’. Look at first half of the Lincoln game. They were so afraid to make mistake and had the whole team back defending most times against a non-league team. This is how low we so call ‘arsenal fans’ have sunken our team spirit and confidence. Congratulations to those who have played a part in succeeding that. I would only imagine only our worst enemy (the chelsea and spur fans) would do this to us. Are they inside of our fan club?

    I’ve heard the loud chanting from the 9000 Lincoln fans throughout the game. Where were the ‘arsenal fans’. We had fifty nine thousand spectators in the game but where were the so called ‘arsenal fans’?
    If people are not prepared to cheer for their team and fight with the team in the game, then don’t call yourself arsenal fan. Are we the fans who would only cheer for the success but don’t want to lift the team’s spirit when it is low and hurt? I was so embarrassed to see/hear how quiet the emirate was when we scored a goal.Why were you there in the first place, the arsenal ‘fans’?

    Why don’t we make the emirate one of the noisiest stadium (not abusive)? I have heard many people making very loud noises after the game blaming everything and everyone. How about saving the energy for the game and support the team with our voices???

    Support the team to win every game from now!

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