Date: 14th March 2017 at 10:29am

Negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona have begun over the possible sale of Hector Bellerin.

The right-back who has been heavily linked with a move back to his homeland is expected to cost the Catalan giants £35m this summer.

Bellerin only signed a new deal with Arsenal in November and committed his long-term future to the club.

However it appears the fresh contract has not shaken off Barca’s interest in the defender.

Spanish sport paper, Blaugrana state that the man who extended his stay at The Emirates to 2022 is likely to depart this summer.

The front page states: ‘Barcelona have met with Arsenal to plan his transfer, which is a priority.

‘Blaugrana are sure that the transfer could reach £35m due to the interest of other teams.’ (reports via Mail Online.

The 21 year-old was plucked by Arsenal as a teenager from the Spanish champions, but Barcelona are keen on a return similar to Cesc Fabregas’ in 2011.

Bellerin has impressed Arsenal fans since ousting Mattieu Debuchy into the first team in 2014/15 – though his form of late has come under fire.


7 responses to “Paper talk: Arsenal and Barcelona open Bellerin talks”

  1. neil says:

    Wenger will not give a toss, he paid 350k for Bellerin, if they sell him back to Barca they should get 25-30 million

    Same as with Cesc, poached as a 16 year old kid for peanuts sold back to parent club for 34 million

    This is the Arsene Wenger business model, buy kids for next to nought, keep them a few years, then realize your profit

    this is a money making business masquerading as a football club

  2. neil says:

    The AFC academy is a joke, these imbeciles couldn’t produce anything

    Wenger steals others kids for near nothing then makes profit on sales

    Dan Crowley, pinched from Aston Villa for 1 million

    The OX and Walcott nicked from Saints, those two could be sold for more than their purchase price

    AFC is a conveyor belt for other clubs

    Serge Gnabry, gone, as will be Zelalem, and if Mailtland Niles, and the rest don’t make the grade they will be sold for profit

    This is modern football, clubs usually sell their stars as they get older and slow down

    Not AFC, we sell everyone at their peak

    Anelka, Cesc, Adebayor, Van Persie, Helb, Nasri,

    Name me one player who got a send off, I can think of one, Denis Bergkamp, they rest get shipped out for profit

    And why is it all ex Arsenal players are never invited back to do jobs within the club, Bould after Pat Rice seems the only ones of note, maybe Ljunberg for a brief period

    Because the dictator hates being challenged, Vieira to City, Arteta to City, the stench around AFC is because of one arrogant frenchman

    • Sam says:

      I agree with most of what you say however I don’t regarding Arsenal playing same exact way for last 20 years. In fact we use to sit deep and counter with extreme pace and energy. We had strong big powerful players. It was what worked. Then for some strange reason he left what worked when Fabregas came on the scene and started this tika taka crap that he only really worked for Barce.
      He refuses stubbornly to return to what worked and buy the players that are needed for that style of play to work,Strong big powerful players!

  3. neil says:

    It’s one of the mysteries of the world, how a man claiming to be a football manager can stay in his job for 20 years without knowledge of tactics, a manager who makes substitutions every game for 20 years on 70 minutes, a manager who cannot think on his feet

    A manager who has played the exact same way for 20 years and wonders why it’s not working in 2017

    He thinks because it worked in 2004 it should work today, and he uses these same tactics he used then, idiotic to say the least

    This manager needs a tap on the shoulder

    The reason he is still there is because he makes great profit on player sales, this has always been the Wenger model, AFC under him are a selling club

    Anelka being the first major, bought for 500k sold to Madrid for 23 million this is the reason Wenger is in football, yes it was nice to put a winning team together early on, but for 13 years our best players have been sold to rivals, it’s treason


  4. neil says:

    The biggest fuckup in world football, Wenger giving Ferguson Van Persie so he could win the title

    A manager giving your number one striker to Manchester United to let them beat you for the title, he needs arse fucking for that alone

  5. Ian hatchman says:

    So arsenal want to negotiate terms of bellerinservice transfer!! Great if Mr bellerin wants to leave then I suggest he pulls his finger out and play like he did 18month ago same goes for anybody else who wants to jump ship instead of actually doing what their paid to do and thats to give arsenal 100% every week not when it suits!
    Question: what so called top club in Europe wants to cash in on a player when we’re told he’s part of the future of the club!!
    Answer: arsenal !!! Joke club run by parasites! Thanks very much.

    • neil says:

      Ian, Arsenal are not a top European club, where did this rumour start, they have never won the CL, they may enter it, they are not competing for it

      5-1, 5-1 is not competing, they are sacrificial lambs

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