Date: 12th March 2017 at 12:21pm

Mesut Ozil has hinted he will stay at Arsenal beyond this season.

The German told told Bild am Sonntag he is open to a new contract with Arsenal, even if Arsene Wenger doesn’t remain in charge.

The playmaker has less than 18 months left on his current deal and there have been suggestions he is ready to move on.

The 28 year-old says winning trophies is his prime motivation, but revealed he is open to a new deal to remain at The Emirates.

“Everything is still open,” said the German international.

“There have been talks with Arsenal but at the moment, I’m concentrating on the current season, just like the officials at Arsenal.”

“I would very much like to win the Champions League one day, ideally with Arsenal. I still have a year left on my contract here.”

“I have always said I’m very happy at Arsenal. Everything fits here — the club, the fans and the city. Arsene Wenger was also one of the main reasons why I joined Arsenal.

“However, I also know that in football everything moves very quickly and a lot differently to what you had planned. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that my future is dependent on the coach.”

Arsenal spent £42.5m on the former Real Madrid attacking-midfielder on deadline day in 2013. There have been rumours that Ozil is seeking a move back to the Spanish capital.


10 responses to “Ozil ‘open’ to a new deal”

  1. neil says:

    Sell him, take the 50 million quid Arsene, you know you want to, it’s what you do, make profit on player sales

    This is the Venger model, been doing it since 1996

    His first was Anelka, paid 500k for him, sold to Madrid for 23 million

    Cesc cost 500k in compensation to Barca, sold back to them for 34 million

    Van Persie, cost 3.5 million, sold to United for 24 million

    Toure, Adebayor, about 3 million for both, both sold to City for around 40 million

    Venger uses players as a meat market, buy low , sell high, football is a ruse, his game is flesh trade profit on moving footballers around the world for money

  2. neil says:

    Henry cost 10 million, burned out and sold to Barca for 16 million

    Vieira, bought around 3.5 million, broken down legs sold to Inter for 13 million, Venger is a genius at making profit from player sales, that’s why he lasted 21 years at AFC

    the majority of players are sold for more than the original price, if he sells Sanchez and Ozil the same deal, he will earn morw than what they cost

    He is not a football manager, he uses that as cover for buying and selling players for profit

  3. neil says:

    Song cost 1 million, sold to Barca for 15 million

    Nasri, cost 12 million sold to City for 22 million

    Hector Bellerin cost about the same as Cesc, 350k, he ia now worth around 30 million

    Dan Crowley, poached from Villa, another kid like Cesc and Bellerin
    Cohen Bramall cost 40k, watch what he gets sold for down the track

    Venger made profit on Eboue, Denilson and a host of others, by paying low, keeping a few years then profiting form their sales

    This is slavery, getting kids as young as 9 and 10 hoping to find gems for profit, then discarding the shit that don’t make it

    It is a money making machine masquerading as a football club

  4. neil says:

    What real football manager would sell his best players to a rival, not Ferguson, no one except Venger

    United and City won titles with Venger players

    AFC have not won a title in 13 years, they don’t care, it’s not their goal

    I told you their agenda, profit on sales, this is not a football club anymore

    They moved from Highbury for one reason, more bums on seats, simple, this crap about competing was pure spin to appease fans, but the jig is up

    it’s only taken 10 years to wake the fuck up

  5. neil says:

    Correction, Vieira sold to Juventus

  6. neil says:

    And before anyone accuses Kroenke, Venger was doing this 10 years before Kroenke bought the club

    It is the reason Kroenke bought the club, Kroenke would have had orgasms when he saw the spread sheets, the balance sheets would have sent him into ecstasy

    This was a match made in heaven, Kroenke and Venger, Kroenke a serial sports franchise owner after profit, and Wenger a scrooge, the perfect marriage

  7. neil says:

    In the old days Venger would pay around 10 million for a good player, he would still buy cheap and hope to sell high at a later date, but the 8 -10 million was the Venger price range, spending a bit more for Arshavin 12 million, and Wiltord for 13 million, winning the title at Old Trafford, money well spent

    More times than not he is still thinking in that price range, but unlike him, times have moved on, and ordinary players are costing 30 million, this is why it’s good to pay top dollar for quality for Sanchez and Ozil, around 70 million for both

    They are now worth in the region as a pair for the 100-120 million region, once again profit the driving force behind Venger

    But Arsene still loves a bargain, Hector and Cohen Bramall are living proof

  8. neil says:

    This crap about Ozil being sick is a ruse,Ozil is a daffodil, he falls over at the slightest touch

    He used to get winter breaks, now he doesn’t, so Venger makes up sick notes to rest this poor soul, no one at AFC ever gets dropped, they are always sick according to the biggest spin of bullshit the world has ever seen

    An under achiever these last 13 years pulling 8.5 million a year plus bonuses for failure, this is failure in the eyes of fans, the club thinks top four is success, any one who thinks this is footballing success sucks dick by choice

  9. neil says:

    As DT would say, the board wank in a sock each year top 4 is achieved, and Kroenke wanks in two socks

    They might have to keep their hands off their dicks this year, top 4 is a struggle

    These AFC board are like SANTA, he comes once a year, and when he does, it’s in a stocking, like them, Santa is bypassing AFC this year

  10. Javier says:

    More than never before we have to get this Cabal illuminati reptile out of Arsenal Club

    Wenger Out!!!

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