Date: 30th March 2018 at 1:08am

Arsene Wenger claims Arsenal will not be his last managerial job in football.

The Frenchman, who has been at helm of the north Londoners for over two decades has been urged to step down as boss in the summer.

Wenger has a year to run from his two year extension he signed last year.

However, Arsenal have fallen further behind their rivals this season and currently sit 33 points adrift of league leaders Man City and 13 behind Tottenham who occupy 4th.

Wenger is under pressure to keep his job following a miserable campaign, but despite the continued calls for the 68 year-old to call it a day, he’s made it clear he will continue working in football after he leaves the Emirates.

As reported by the Star, when asked if he wanted to continue management after Arsenal Wenger replied: “Yes, of course.“As long as I have the physical strength and the desire to do it.

Wenger has been called to leave the club at the end of the season.

“I know that depends on my physical status and how well I am mentally.

“It’s a decision I’ll have to make at some stage.

“At the moment I live in the present and I just want to do as well as I can for my club and I don’t worry too much what happens to me.

“You don’t stay 22 years at a club the stature of Arsenal without a total complete commitment and the sacrifice of your life.

“That will not change today until the end of the season, until the end of my contract, if I can I will do that. After I don’t know what I will do.”

Gooners, are you happy for Wenger to see out his final year? Or should he leave at the end of the season? Let us know in the comments…


5 responses to “This huge Arsene Wenger claim may surprise Arsenal fans”

  1. Edosu S says:

    He must eventhough he remains as an arsenal maneger nothing wil bel changed at the club,so for me let him go.

  2. neil says:

    However, Arsenal have fallen further behind their rivals this season and currently sit 33 points adrift of league leaders Man City and 13 behind Tottenham who occupy 4th.

    And this deluded cunt thinks other clubs want him….13 points behind 4th…you useless motherfucker..he should be pushed out the fucking door now

  3. neil says:

    What the last two seasons have shown us, is Wenger is a shit manager…..Pep, Conte, Klopp, Mourinho, Pochettino… doesn’t come into it…Wenger uses that as an excuse….oh they spend more than us…we can’t compete…horse shit….the reason Wenger now finishes 5th and 6th is because of those managers mentioned above…..they make Wenger look what he really is….a clueless cunt

  4. neil says:

    Wenger had Ozil, Sanchez, Mustafi, Kos, Ramsey Giroud, OX, Walcott Bellerin, Nacho these are National players…and this useless manager couldn’t get top 4 with them….hopeless fucking manager

    I saw Walcott play better for Southampton than he ever did with Arsenal, players regress under Wenger

    When they come to AFC…he renders them useless because he instructs them to play Wenger ball, tippy tappy 6 yard passes

    When Reyes came to the club he used to score 20-30 yard goals…Wenger stopped that….same with Xhaka….scored long range screamers…not any more…Wenger took that out of his game

    Elneny…same deal…scored from distance…not any more…..that is drained from them

    now they have to walk it into the fucking net….I tell no lie….I saw Bendtner pass to another player inside the box rather than take the shot…he was in the fucking 6 yard box…..and still passing the fucking ball….cunt manager…absolute shite manager

  5. neil says:

    The only surprise is the fucking audacity of this arrogant French fucking dictator, who is so far up his own arse…..

    Any manager worth his salt could do fine with the money AFC spend…Wenger spends more money on wages than Spurs and Liverpool…so his argument is false about spending power

    In season 2016-17..Arsenal spent 200 million on wages….Liverpool 165 million, Spurs 121 million…..and both finished above Arsenal….so this lying cunt is out of excuses…it’s the managers who beat him…not the spending power

    Moral of the story….all the managers are better than Wenger…..get Pep Klopp or Mourinho to manage AFC with a spend of 200 million and I guarantee they would finish higher than Wenger….

    Wenger spends more than Spurs and is 13 points behind them and they pay him 10 million quid a year….He must be fucking Kroenke

    Those figures don’t lie….WENGER IS A FUCKED UP MANAGER

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