Date: 20th March 2017 at 2:01am

According to The Express, Arsene Wenger will sign a new deal with Arsenal.

The Frenchman is expected to stay at The Emirates for another year despite fan protests.

Arsenal slipped to sixth in the Premier League on Sunday after succumbing to their fourth defeat in five games.

The Gunners are now six points adrift of a Champions League spot, but it appears Wenger is set to infuriate thousands of fans by signing a new deal.

The 67 year-old who was originally offered a two-year extension, disclosed last month he will decide on his future in the coming weeks.

Following Saturday’s defeat away to West Brom, Wenger revealed he had reached a decision over his future which he would reveal “very soon”.

There had been speculation of Arsenal lining up Juventus boss Max Allegri and reports of an approach for Dortmund’s Thomas Touchel. Yet it seems Wenger’s 21 year stint in North London is not quite at its end.


7 responses to “Arsene Wenger set to stay”

  1. javier says:

    somebody is saying quote:
    There is no benefit to Wenger staying at this point, even as an advisor.

    He has no brain for defense.

    He can no longer pick out talent.

    He’s a horrible game manager.

    He’s a shit tactician.

    If he hasn’t lost the dressing room, it’s damn close.

    He collects fucking 8.3 million pounds per year.

    He’s ripping the club apart.

    He’s turning Arsenal into a laughing stock.

    He’s ripping the fan base apart.

    If he had any dignity he would have resigned after that fucking Bayern debacle. It’s obvious that he has no dignity, or ability to evaluate himself, so he’ll have to be shown the door. The trouble is that he has probably penned the contract.

    If he signs a two year deal, Arsenal will be the joke of the footballing world. As if we aren’t already. What a shambles.

  2. Engr. Bayo Erikitola says:

    I quite agree with the writer. Wenger needs to go and spare the club of disintegration. We appreciate his past contributions to the development of the club, but right now it’s time to say goodbye. We need a new manager with a winning mentality, not a father of youths. We need someone who will make us proud supporters of Arsenal football club. We need a coach who is hungry for success. Wenger should please go.

  3. Kan says:

    Javier, until you cut out the expletives, your view should be confined to the gutter where it belongs. The English language has many words available to express yourself. Please use a dictionary to explore the options!
    Arsene Wenger is quality and will prove it again.

  4. Javier says:

    WENGER never learns
    You can predict an Arsenal season before it’s even begun.
    When it comes to tactics, Wenger is often found out.
    It’s taken him years to finally realise you need to give up some possession for being tighter in bigger games, but there’s still no real variation.
    Deluded quotes……..he said quote
    We have leaders in every position”
    Players don’t seem to believe in him
    In crucial games in a must-win clash the players didn’t seem bothered.

    He’s holding Arsenal back

  5. Tamuka Mkombachoto says:

    Robbie Boycott the club, much respect but wexit!

  6. Khoa says:

    It’s sad but at this point it shouldn’t even be a question anymore if he should stay.

    Like many others have asked before my big question is what did he do in his last contract to deserve an extension?

    The club’s situation has gotten worse each year and we’ve all heard the line before that they’re going to bolster the squad in the summer but it doesn’t get better because we do last minute transfers year after year. How is this summer any different? Why does he think it is enough to start rebuilding now?

    It is simply too late and he should have had the foresight to do this “great” overhaul 3-4 years ago instead of managing funds and doing just enough to fake initiative.

    Sorry Wenger it’s too little, too late.

  7. Mark says:

    Arsene Wenger has too much control in Arsenal, the transfers, players he selects for games.Over the past six or seven season I have seen Arsene sign very average players.He has too much support from the board as well. Arsenal’s whole ownership structure needs to change.Arsenal is run differently to all the other clubs in the premier league.
    Arsene himself can decide when to leave.Not the board deciding his future.
    Arsene is trying to reinvent himself.

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