Date: 28th June 2017 at 10:07pm

Arsenal have had bids rejected for Alexander Lacazette and Thomas Lemar.

According to BBC reporter David Ornstein both Lyon and Monaco have rejected bids from the Gunners, but negotiations are ongoing.

Lacazette is suggested to be the more likely signing as it stands. The France international has been given the green light to leave Lyon after a move to Atletico Madrid broke down earlier in the window.

As for Lemar, Arsenal’s reported bid of £31m for the winger was turned down by Monaco. The 21 year-old is said to be keen on teaming up with compatriot Arsene Wenger, though Monaco are desperate to tie him to a new deal.

Ornstein claims that Arsenal’s transfer activity has hit stumbling blocks due to the unresolved futures of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Neither player has shed light on their situation, despite Arsenal offering new deals for both. However, transfer targets are being pursued irrespective of the duos uncertainties.


2 responses to “Arsenal dealt a double transfer blow”

  1. neil says:

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    Lies, deceit and blatant fucking trash talk, this manager struggles to buy anyone over 30 million, and you want Arsenal supports to believe you were going to spend over 100 million on a kid, suck dick

    I don’t mind that this cunt manager was never going to spend 100 million on one player, what irks me is this prick pretends he was going to buy him, never in 10 fucking lifetimes was Wenger buying Mbappe

    This bag of arrogant wind French cunt is having a lend of AFC fans, he despises everyone of you, and do you know what

    You lot deserve him, you turn up blindly every game, you hand over your hard earned cash….the complain like stuck pigs when you lose….the fans are the problem, they are the ones who say if this useless cunt manager stays or goes, and they turn up every fortnight…60,000 fucking cosksuckers at the Emirates, bending over for a skinny French narcissist, a fucking ego maniac, enjoy cunts

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